senior years
Primetimers ministries are dedicated to the personal and spiritual growth of people in their senior years. We believe that seniors have a lifetime of experience to share with the church and community. We encourage you to spend time with us as we enjoy Primetime Lunch Wednesdays, age specific small groups (life groups), social and recreational events, and serving the Church family and community.

Primetime Mug & Muffin (Runs June and August)
Every Wednesday from 9:30am to 11:30am

Where those in their senior years come for coffee or tea, delicious muffins and lot’s of community with others. Entertainment, learning and other presentations along with Chapel time also provided.

     Primetime Wednesday (Runs September-May)
     Every Wednesday from 10am to 1pm

     Come for a time of community and conversation with others over      coffee or tea. You will also enjoy guest speakers, activities, music,      community serve projects, and a short devotional. All of this is      followed up by a delicious lunch. All those in their senior years are      encouraged to come and invite all their friends - show up any      week, there is no need to RSVP. Lunch is complimentary; however      donations are appreciated to help with expenses.
Questions about ministries for seniors?
Contact us at 425.489.9898 or

Pastor Naomi Marquez-Blake leads our ministries to Seniors.

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