Preschool Staff

michelle branson
PRE-K Teacher

As our Pre-K teacher, Miss Michelle brings several years of experience in preschool education. She has worked as a pre-kindergarten teacher for over 7 years. She is a Washington State Merit certified teacher with an Associates Degree focused in Early Childhood Education. She has obtained several certifications from annual continuing education courses which have equipped her with a diverse set of skills to bring into the classroom. She is recognized for her ability to teach a well-rounded curriculum tailored to include all learning styles. Michelle and her husband and his young daughter enjoy serving in various capacities at the Church at Maltby/Monroe.

Information on the teacher for our new half-day kindergarten class will be available shortly.

Christine Culbertson

As our Preschool teacher, Christine brings many years of experience working with preschoolers. While her children were growing up, Christine ran an in-home day care and preschool for 7 years. She also spent 5 years working as a preschool and lunch room monitor for Martin Luther Elementary School in Wisconsin. After joining The Church at Maltby/Monroe three years ago, Christine has become a lead preschool teacher on Sundays mornings at the Maltby Campus.

Megan Gieger
Preschool director