our services

Gathering Times

     Maltby Campus - 9am (May 30th-Sept 5th)
     Monroe Campus - 10am

We are a casual gathering of people who recognize that life is a journey that doesn't have to be traveled alone. Come and connect with Christ and with others. No matter your background you are welcome! Just as God meets us right where we are, we also at the church want to meet you right where you are. We want to find out how we can serve you better as you travel on this journey...
We, as the church, gather each week expecting to meet with God, desiring Him to change us and allowing Him to confront our lives with His truth. We are not about "religion" but rather "relationship". Our desire is that all those who attend The Church during a weekend gathering will experience that relationship with God. Come and connect with Christ and with others. 

What You Can Expect

  • WORSHIP - We often begin our gatherings with a time of worship through music. This helps us focus our minds and hearts on God and express our love and thanks.
  • PRAYER - We express our thoughts and requests through prayer. People are always available to pray with you at each gathering.
  • TEACHING - We study the Bible through a relevant message that reveals who God is and how we might respond to Him.
  • GIVING - We give generously and sacrificially out of a trust and obedience to Christ. If you are a guest please feel no obligation to give.
  • COMMUNION - We remember Christ together each month in corporate communion and make it available every week for personal reflection.
  • BAPTISM - Anyone who has accepted Christ as their Savior is encouraged to make that declaration by being baptized in water. It’s about celebrating with your Church as well as inviting them to be a part of your journey.

Tips for your first visit

  • Browse our website. This will help you learn a little about us before you come. If you still have questions, give us a call.
  • Show up a few minutes before the service begins.  This will allow you time to park your car, check-in your kids, grab some coffee or tea and find a seat.
  • Don’t worry about a dress code, we are pretty casual.
  • Print out directions:  MALTBY CAMPUS   MONROE CAMPUS

For tips on your kids first visit, check out the Kids Life page.


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